So, why should I use Binstro?

We're glad you asked.

Binstro saves time and energy.
No more sitting in traffic, renting trucks, or heavy lifting. Let Binstro do the dirty work for you.

Binstro saves money.
Starting at $5 per bin, Binstro is the most affordable storage service in Austin.
Don’t shell out hundreds of dollars for the same service! Just bin it!

Binstro only charges for space you actually use.
Instead of paying for that half-empty storage unit, you can bin your things and save some cash! 

Binstro is safe.
We’ve taken every precaution to make sure that your things are secure during their stay with us here at Binstro.

Binstro is online.
For the first time you can access and manage your things online.
Let Binstro be your personal storage unit in the cloud.

Binstro is everywhere.
It doesn’t matter what part of Austin you live in.
Binstro currently services the whole city.

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