How does Binstro work exactly?

1. You Order
Storing with Binstro is easy. All you have to do is sign up and place an order. You'll be able to schedule your delivery for a time and place that work for you.

2. We Deliver Empty Bins
One of our drivers will contact you about twenty minutes before your scheduled delivery. We'll deliver empty bins to your door so you can start packing.

3. You Pack and Schedule
Now it's your turn! You can take up to two weeks to pack your bins. When you're ready, you can schedule your pickup online. 

We'll provide labels and a marker so you can label your bins if you'd like. This will make it easier to remember which is which when you want your stuff back!

4. We Pick Up Packed Bins
We'll come right to your door to pick up your packed bins at the time you selected. Again, one of our drivers will contact you about twenty minutes before arriving.

5. Storage and Online
Once we've picked up your items, we'll transport them to a secure storage facility. We’ll upload your bins information and description online so that you can manage them seamlessly from your home within 24 hours of their arrival at our facility.

Once your bins are online you’ll also be able to upload photos of the items you stored, to make it easier to remember which bin has which items.

6. Reorder and Delivery
Whenever you want something back, you can log in online and select the items you’d like returned on the “My Bins” page. Just like when they were picked up, we'll bring your items back to your door at a time of your choosing.

7. We Pick Up Again
Once we’ve delivered you your items, you’ll be able to unpack your bins and reuse your items. When you’d like to return your bins to us, you can let us know online and we’ll come pick them up right at your door. (Note: You’ll still be charged for storage while you hold our bins.)

If you plan to stop storing a particular bin with Binstro, simply return the bin empty before your next billing date.

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