About Us

Our Mission

Binstro is storage for a modern world. It's our mission at Binstro to make life a little less cluttered and a little more convenient. We think the storage industry is broken and we're here to fix it. Austin's premier storage on-demand service, Binstro combines secure facilities with high-quality service and a hassle-free process. The way we see it, you shouldn't have to pay someone and do all of the work. Let us handle the hard stuff while you relax.


Why Bins?

Richard first had the idea for storage by the bin in 2014 when he had a pile of things unloaded onto him for several months. Frustrated with the options available, he envisioned a new type of storage service that was both more efficient and accessible. After several months of hard work, Binstro was born.

Locations We Service

Binstro currently services Austin, Texas, with plans for rapid expansion across Texas. Go Texas!

Meet the Team


Richard Hachar


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Avish Jain

Technical Advisor

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Shawn Kulkarni


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